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FutureMaker, Advisor, Sparring Partner, Interim, Speaker, Facilitator
Helping organisations becoming Future-Proof by seeing and shaping an inclusive & sustainable future together
Futurist reimaging the Intersection of Humanity, Technology and Nature
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Work with Marion

Moonshots &
Strategic Foresight Future Design
Tailored Solutions
Expert Design Thinking
Scenario Planning
Interim &
Sparring Partner
Future-Forward Strategies
Innovative Team Culture
Chief of Tomorrow Advisor
Keynote Speaker & Moderator
Social Impact & Inclusion
Masterclasses &
Design Thinking & Futures Thinking
Product, Services, and Business Model development
Conversational & Bias-free AI
Futurist, Speaker, Moderator

Inspiring talks on inclusive tech-driven future like GenderFreeTech and Human-centered AI Design

Shaping the future together

ESG: Reimagining the Intersection of Humanity, Technology and Nature


Seeing and shaping an inclusive & sustainable future together with your team

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About Marion Mulder

Passionate about Strategy & Innovation, co-creating solutions for our evolving world. Fields of focus include Sustainable and Inclusive Design, Efficient and Ethical AI, and Human-to-Machine Interactions.

I empower individuals and organizations with Futures Thinking, Design Thinking, and Digital Technology to become Future-Proof. My goal is to make life easier, simpler, better, more just, and more enjoyable, prioritizing the human factor above all.

With roots in Digital Tech since 1998, I embrace its transformative power in business and human connections.

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