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About Marion Mulder

With roots in Digital Tech since 1998, I embrace its transformative power in business and human connections. Passionate about Strategy & Innovation, I collaborate on essential solutions for our world’s needs.

As a Futurist, I delve into future possibilities, crafting scenarios for both potential and desired outcomes.

Dedicated to being a FutureMaker, I transform ideas into actions, focusing on setting agendas and catalyzing change to create a more equitable and just world. From emerging technology projects to board positions with impact-driven organizations, my mission is clear.

Specializing in helping individuals and organizations become Future-Proof through Futures Thinking, Scenario Planning, Design Thinking, and Digital Technology, my goal is to simplify and improve life while prioritizing the human factor above all. My key areas of Tech focus include: Ethical AI, Bias mitigation in Tech Design, Sustainable and Accessible Design, Conversational AI & Chatbots, Generative AI, Web3, Immersive collaboration, and Future-driven Tech Blueprints.

Ethical questions guide my work: “Just because we can, should we?” and “How does this help humanity sustainably?” Thriving on pioneering efforts, I’m energized by creating something entirely new with passionate teams.

Let’s connect and shape a brighter future together.

Futures Thinking

Exploring tomorrow’s possibilities today. Shaping a brighter future with strategic foresight. From possible to desirable futures.

Scenario Planning

Preparing for the unknown. Anticipating, adapting, and thriving in an ever-changing world. Using both internally and externally focused scenarios

Emerging Tech

Embracing innovation, unlocking potential. Staying ahead with cutting-edge advancements. Leveraging up & coming tech such as AI, VR, AR and of course digitalisation.

Inclusion & social impact

Welcoming all. Celebrating diversity. Building stronger, more equitable communities together. Both through technology and in society.


Protecting our planet and ensuring lasting well-being. Working on a better future for all.
ESG, SDGs, CSRD, and more.

Ecosystems & value chains

Creating change through building networks and relationships. Value Chains innovation & transformation. System change.

Conscious Business

Embrace purpose-driven leadership, stakeholder inclusion, and conscious culture. Creating wellbeing, wellness and value for people and the planet.

Open Innovation

Harness collective genius to drive creativity, growth, and impact together. Transforming ideas into reality with shared expertise and diverse perspectives.

My Network

I strongly believe in the power of working within ecosystems and networks. I am currently a member of the following network ecosystem organisations. They keep me sharp, up to date and inspired.

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