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Moonshots & Strategic Foresight Future Design

Let’s gain control over an uncertain future with Futures Thinking. Explore tomorrow’s possibilities today to shape a brighter future with strategic foresight. Utilise scenario planning, DESTEP analysis, moonshot canvas, and other methods to assess internal and external factors, defining both possible and desirable futures. Through backcasting, identify actionable steps to pave the way for a bright future starting today.

Join me on this journey, where I’ll guide your team through kick-off sessions and serve as your Tech & Future guide along the way. Reach out to discuss your needs.

Interim & Sparring Partner

Seeking a versatile professional who seamlessly integrates into your team or serves as a trusted sparring partner? Look no further! With extensive experience and a collaborative approach, I provide dynamic solutions tailored to your needs. Let’s merge innovation with expertise to drive transformative results. Reach out today to explore possibilities—I’m committed to making a difference alongside you.

Roles I’ve undertaken include Innovation Lead, Online Team Manager, Startup Founder, NGO Co-Founder, Board Member, Workstream Lead, |Senior Product Lead, D&I Lead, and Mentor to Startup Founders and NGO Directors.

Connect now to explore possibilities together—I’m ready to make an impact together with you.

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Keynote Speaker, Panellist, Event Host

Since 2006, I’ve been passionately engaging with audiences worldwide, sharing insights and fostering thought-provoking discussions. Whether speaking at conferences, moderating sessions, or hosting events, I’ve connected with diverse audiences globally.

My speaking engagements cover compelling topics such as Inclusive Technology, The Human Side of AI, Gender-FreeTech, DEIB through a Technology Lens, and Leveraging Emerging Tech’s transformative potential, as well as Futures Thinking for Conscious Business Development.

I advocate for greater diversity in speaker lineups, particularly encouraging more women to share their perspectives.

If you’re seeking fresh insights and diverse voices for your event, let’s collaborate. Together, we’ll elevate the conversation, inspire positive change, and make your event unforgettable. Reach out today to discuss how we can create a memorable and impactful experience.

Masterclasses & Workshops

I believe firmly in sharing knowledge, and I love doing it. Some of my offerings include:

  • Design Sprints: Choose from a full 5-day version or shorter 1-day or half-day sessions.
  • Design Thinking Ideation: Learn effective ideation techniques.
  • Futures Thinking & Scenario Planning. Gain insights into future strategy development.
  • Introduction to the Business Model Canvas: Dive into this essential tool for business innovation.
  • Introduction to Generative AI: Explore the possibilities of AI in innovation.
  • Inclusive Tech: Understand its significance and practical applications.
  • Gender-free Tech: When is gender relevant in technology and when should we de-gender for better inclusion of everyone.
  • Transitioning to Purpose-Driven Solutions: Move from product-centric to problem-solving approaches.
  • Futures Thinking for Conscious Business Development
  • Creating Algorithms that are not harming fundamental rights (IAFRA/IAMA)

Contact me to unlock the power of strategic learning and innovation.

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