Design Better Business

I work from a design perspective.

Essentially, design is about enhancing the way you perceive the world. It’s about creating conditions in which businesses can thrive and evolve amidst uncertainty and change. Ultimately, design is a powerful approach to view the world and unearth new opportunities to make it better.

Design is both a process and a mindset. It’s a deliberate series of actions to derive sustainable value from change and uncertainty. Every time you intentionally develop a strategy or make a decision based on insights, you’re acting like a designer.

Crucial to design is that it’s an iterative process where designers start with a point of view. They venture out, observe the world to further substantiate their point of view. They generate options that can address the opportunities they see, validate them, and proceed with the options that align best with those opportunities. Design is continuous and iterative, designed to navigate ambiguity and change effectively.

Design is a disciplined approach to seek, identify, and capture value.

A better business is one that centers on people and sustainability, connecting design tools, applications, and processes. It’s an ongoing quest for new customers, value propositions, and business models.

Tools and toolkits I utilize include, among others,

I apply a design approach in design thinking sessions, ideations, design sprints, inspiration workshops, strategy sessions, but also as an integral part of my work as an FutureMaker, Senior Product Owner, or Innovation Lead for clients.

How can I assist you? Feel free to email or message me anytime!

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